Welcome to my personal homepage!

I am a researcher in Mathematical Physics at the Gran Sasso Science Institute school of advances studies, in L'Aquila (Italy). I am passionate by the investigation of equilibrium and non equilibrium properties of interacting many particles quantum systems, exploiting techniques from functional analysis, probability and rigorous renormalization group.

My current research projects regard:

  • The dynamics of the Bose gas, and in particular the derivation of effective equations for the dynamics of quantum systems starting from the first principles of the many-body quantum dynamics

  • The equilibrium properties of weakly interacting bosons, including the problem of proving condensation and Bogoliubov prediction for the ground state energy and low energy excitations

  • Low energy limit and fluctuations in models for neutron scattering, e.g. the quantum Lorentz gas with Gross-Pitaevskii interactions

I am part of the research groups on Non linear aspect in Quantum Mechanics and Probability and Statistical Mechanics at GSSI. 

My CV is available here.

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